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Long Term Care is the Largest financial and emotional risk you and your family face today


People think of a long term care situation happening only to older people, However, about 45 percent of the long term care population is under the age of 65. Although most people buy health Insurance to cover major illness costs, this type of insurance does not provide the protection against the costs of providing long term support services. This lack of insurance coverage jeopardizes the financial security of families and diminishes the economic security of the country. YOU, ALL OF YOUR IMMEDIATE  FAMILY MEMBERS, AND YOUR EXTENDED FAMILY ARE AT RISK!

Submitted Testimony of the Honorable David F. Durenberger;
Chairman, Citizens For Long Term Care To the United States Senate
Special Committee on Aging, 6/28/01



PLANNING ahead for long-term care is important because there is a good chance you will need some long-term care services if you live beyond the age of 65. Almost 70% of people over 65 need LTC…

www.longtermcare.govDepartment of Health and Human Services

A National Family Caregivers Association survey indicates that 26.6 percent of the adult population was involved in care-giving during the past 12 months. Based on current census data, that translates to more than 54 million people.

54 percent of family caregivers are between 35 and 64 years old. Tending to a friend or relative during these key wage-earning years takes a huge toll on the financial well-being and earning potential of these workers.

The new survey shows a much more even split (of the male/female ratio involved in care- giving): 56 percent female, 44 percent male.

NFCA (National Family Caregivers Association), 10/13/00

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