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What Are My Chances?
"What are the chances that I will need long-term care?"

"What are the chances that I will need long-term care?"

It is our nature to believe that we will never be in a position to need long-term care.  That only happens to other people, not to us.  Of course, we would like to believe that, but we cannot foretell the future.  The truth is that there is better than a 1 in 2 chance that you will need some type of long-term care at some point in your life.  Though it is hard to accept, it is important to plan ahead for that possibility.

"While the general population perceives the risk of needing long-term care services to be less than 25%, the actual risk for needing long-term care (either home care or nursing home care) is greater than 50%." LifePlans, Inc. January 2001 as seen in The LTC Planning Guide by Phyllis Shelton 2001

"Isn't it just the 'older people' who are at risk for needing long-term care?"

While it is true that the majority of long-term care recipients are seniors, it is important to realize that many younger people can also have circumstances which dictate long-term care.  Some of those reasons are:  Strokes, cancer, Parkinson's disease, MS, and accidents.  These are just a few of the things that show us that it is never too early to begin to make plans for your future care needs. When Caring Isn't Enough ' American Academy of Actuaries, January 1999 Percent of Working-Age Adults Needing LTC

"I would rather die than end up living in a nursing home!"

The idea of putting a loved one in a nursing home is difficult enough, but to consider living in one yourself is not in most people's mind.  The last place we would ever want to be is in a nursing home.  Our feelings toward nursing homes make it hard for us to admit to ourselves that we might eventually need long-term care because we associate long-term care with nursing homes.

Fortunately, there are many other options available than there were before, so that a nursing home may not be necessary in receiving the care and help that we might need.  It is possible to stay at home, or live in an assisted living facility rather than go to a nursing home.  When we look at long-term care that way, it is a lot easier to admit that we might need some long-term care in our own home where we are more comfortable.


82% of long-term care takes place in the home, adult day care centers, and assisted living facilities. 18% of long-term care takes place in nursing homes.  

Agency for Health Care Research and Quality Sept. 2000 as seen in The Long-Term Care Planning Guide, Phyllis Shelton, 2001

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