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As we take a look at the past, we can see that our parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents didn't have to deal with the issue of long-term care.  Along with shorter lives, more people lived the kind of lives that allowed them to give their loved ones the care that they needed.  Economic pressures and the fast pace of life have decreased the ability of many families to be able to take on the responsibility for care giving that once would have been quite normal.

Working Women & The Two Income Family

In earlier times, women were able to provide the care that their parents or their spouse's parents needed because they were at home.  Now, many families find it necessary for both the husband and wife to work to support their family and lifestyle.  If both partners are working, it makes it very difficult to give long-term care to their parents.  If they decide to try to provide that long-term care that is needed, they will probably find it necessary for one of them to stay at home which can result in substantial financial losses.



Though few people go into marriage planning on divorce, the large number of divorces have created many single parent homes in the United States.  These single parents face an almost impossible task working full time and trying to raise their family alone.  Consider the pressure involved with needing to provide long-term care for another family member as well.


Smaller Families

The task of providing long-term care for a loved one was simpler when families had more children.  Children could help with a grandparent or take on more chores to free up their parent to give that needed care.  When the average family had 4 or more children, care could be spread around in the family.  Now, with fewer children, the ability to care for a loved one is decreased, and the pressure of care rests on fewer family members.


Families On The Move

Our mobile society has caused many families to be spread hundreds or thousands of miles apart.  In the past, children married and stayed near to their traditional home, thereby being close by when their parents might need extra care.  If Mom and Dad live in Virginia, and their grown children live in California or Texas, you can see that it will be difficult to provide the care that is needed without uprooting either the parent or the family to get closer together.  This means leaving behind a current life and support system to provide long-term care.

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